Fall Classes
September 15th  - November 23rd
Thank you for your interest in Mindful Bellydance classes.  Mindful Bellydance is currently on break while Malkiera is recovering from surgery, but will return for the Winter session in January 2020.
Mindful Bellydance Perceptions
(Beginner Level)

This class combines bellydance techniques and mindful meditations that will encourage you to take a look at how you perceive your body, emotions and state of being.  Throughout the class you will be able to explore how movement can shift your perceptions.    


This is a beginner level class that will teach you the foundations of bellydance including directional isolations, leg & arm patterns, finger cymbal rhythms and introductory level vocabulary that can be used as your own personal moving meditation practice.  


The state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.

"our perception of our own limitations"

Mindful Bellydance Connections
(Beyond Beginner Level) 


This class combines bellydance technique and mindful meditations to develop deep connections between your mind and body to encourage movement from a state of self love and confidence.  


This class is a foundational level bellydance class that focuses on connecting directional isolations and pathways to create shapes, transitions and vocabulary movements.  It is recommended for students who have taken the Mindful Bellydance Perceptions class or have a solid understanding of bellydance basics and directional isolations. 


something that joins or connects two or more things or the state of being connected​

synonyms: link, relationship, relation, interconnection, interdependence, association​



Private Lessons

I offer both in person and remote private lessons.  These are wonderful if you feel a bit overwhelmed by a group class or if you want instruction designed to meet you exactly where you are in mind and body.  I will work with you on setting movement goals and connecting with the day to day uniqueness of your body.


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